We are excited to announce that the telligen.devface.community Initiative has awarded a $50,000 grant to Variety Care, Oklahoma’s largest community health center with sixteen health care facilities in central and western Oklahoma. These funds will support the organization’s implementation of the CA Dramatic Performance Improvement (DPI) model, an advanced training approach aimed at increasing patient access and capacity.

At Telligen, we believe Community is so integral to transforming the health of populations and being a good corporate partner wherever we work and play, that it’s one of our corporate values. That’s why we created the telligen.devface.community Initiative (TCI) in 2005 to be the charitable giving arm of Telligen, funded by Telligen at approximately $150,000 annually for grant-making activities.

TCI’s mission is to initiate and support innovative and far-sighted health-related projects aimed at improving the health, social well-being and educational attainment of society. Since 2013, TCI has awarded over $4 million to nearly 100 organizations in Iowa, Illinois and Oklahoma!

Telligen proudly supports Variety Care’s mission of offering quality, affordable healthcare to all Oklahomans! Click here to learn more.