Mental health and physical health are directly correlated. Studies have shown that people suffering from a mental illness are more likely to also have a chronic condition and vice versa. Telligen directly addresses the link between mental and physical health by working on both with our members by examining mental health when a member is engaged in our program(s).

At Telligen, we recognize the need to focus on mental health because, if left unaddressed, a member’s physical health cannot be fully impacted when ignoring their mental state. We utilize a fully integrated model to address an individual’s mind, body and soul. Our transitional care/behavioral health/chemical dependency programs aim to get the member “out of the cycle”. We work with the member to recognize their mental health and/or chemical dependency they suffer from and help them manage it.

Specifics About the Programs

Transitional Care/Behavioral Health

  • Post discharge, we work with the member for a year
  • The program has defined outreach efforts, but it is also tailored to each member’s needs. For example, some may need more guidance up front but the end goal it to coach them towards self-management to take responsibility for their own health
  • The program also involved a high level of collaboration with the member’s provider(s)

Chemical Dependency

  • Our coaches work to establish a relationship first with the treatment facility
  • Depending on each member, we may begin program engagement prior to them leaving treatment or, we also have waited to start outreach post treatment facility

What Can the Member Expect

  • Members work with their coach on coping skills and are armed with education materials
  • Coaches will assist with referrals to professionals and provide encouragement to seek professional help. The coach will also evaluate the member’s current support system to ensure they have the proper team supporting them.
  • Coaches work to get the member to recognize and admit they have an issue and get beyond the stigma mental health/chemical dependency carries.
  • The member will use journaling as a way to pin point triggers in their medication adherence, and behaviors.

Making a Difference

Below are two stories on Telligen members showing the importance of the coach/member relationship and the value of focusing on the whole person; mental and physical.

A member suffering from depression expressed to her health coach that it was just too much work to perform the easiest task of just getting out of bed most days. During her coaching sessions, she received education resources and ways to cope with her depression. Slowly she took small steps to improve her state of mind, began to see a therapist and found that the simple task of getting out of bed was just that…EASY!

A member who was chemically dependent connected with his Telligen coach. Through his series of coaching sessions, he shared that he joined AA and went on to become a sponsor. In addition, he was saving money and found himself in a supportive relationship. “I am thankful for the services Telligen provided. I am alive again.”