A Midwest client with nearly 70,000 members was facing rising healthcare costs year after year; yet their member’s health status was declining. Through their partnership with Telligen, they were able to deliver tailored population health management solutions to their members that achieved proven results.

Meaningful Results
Telligen brings over 40 years of health improvement experience using data and an evidence-based medicine approach to deliver meaningful and measurable results. We turn data into knowledge and knowledge into action to impact health outcomes.

Successful Components

  • Disease Management
    • Overall program savings = $4,176,820
    • Data analytics and predictive modeling to drive identification and stratification of the population by condition and risks
    • Vigorous member and provider engagement on evidence-based practices and care gaps
    • For every dollar spent on disease management, $2.40 was saved
  • Case Management
    • Overall program savings = $12,048,006
    • Responsive member and provider engagement to address medical needs for catastrophic cases, complex co-morbid or acute exacerbations of chronic conditions
    • For every dollar spent on case management, $3.20 was saved
  • Utilization Management
    • Overall program savings = $25,098,063
    • Evaluate medical necessity of inpatient and outpatient services
    • Ensure members receive the appropriate services at the correct level of care in the network
    • For every dollar spent on utilization management, $7.60 was saved


“Telligen is an excellent health management partner. They bring strong data analytics, collaboration and innovative solutions to the table!” – Client testimonial 

“My health coach’s compassion, knowledge and understanding helped me achieve a successful lifestyle. Thanks to Telligen for taking the time to help people in times of difficult health situations.” – Member testimonial