The Connecticut Carpenter’s union with 5,000 members started health management programing in January 2005. After nearly 10 years with that vendor, costs were soaring and unsustainable in increased employee contributions. In January of 2015, Connecticut Carpenters and Telligen partnered to began offering utilization and case management services. Telligen data analytics experience and proven results have already lead to cost savings just one year post implementation.

Meaningful Results
Telligen brings over 40 years of health improvement experience using data and an evidence-based medicine approach to deliver meaningful and measurable results. We turn data into knowledge and knowledge into action to impact health outcomes.

Successful Components

  • Identification of experimental and investigational treatment plans
  • Steerage of services toward the right care in the right setting
  • Referrals to pharmacy benefit manager for oncology and specialty medications
  • Coordination of claims for behavior/mental with EAP to maximize services for substance abuse for more proactive outreach
  • 2015 member satisfaction scores were a 4.5 on a 5 point scale

Program Impact (2014-2015) As reported by an independent third party

Hospital Utilization

  • Average length of stay decreased 12.8%
  • Admits per 1,000 members decreased 33.0%
  • Inpatient days per 1,000 members decreased 41.6%

Per Member Per Month Costs

  • Inpatient member claims costs decreased by 35.3%
  • Total member claim costs decreased by 12.5%
  • Costs for oncology and behavioral health decreased

Client Quotes

“With Telligen, we have a true partnership”

“Telligen exceeds our expectations with savings both to the member and the Fund”