At Telligen Health and Well-Being, we engage members regardless of their state of health through personalized improvement plans, resulting in better health, well-being and financial outcomes. We are a true partner with our clients leveraging advanced health data analytics and innovative programming to identify and engage employees anywhere on the Spectrum of Health™.

Spectrum of Health

Many competitors offer solutions which address the need of a portion of your employee population such as wellness or disease management, but few can meet members where they are regardless of their state of health. At Telligen, we engage all individuals wherever they are on the Spectrum of Health, delivering solutions tailored to their specific needs. From wellness programming focused on keeping healthy individuals healthy to case management focused on assisting individuals experiencing a catastrophic event such as cancer, we make a positive impact every day.

meeting members wherever they are regardless of their state of health

Improving Health. True Results.

At Telligen, we don’t work with cases and numbers – we work with people. Simply put, we care about each person’s unique situation and health challenges so we can truly improve health outcomes, happiness and life.

At Telligen, we work with each client to implement the most appropriate programs for them based on their company goals and budget. For example, if a company is looking for quick savings, a utilization or case management solution would see the fastest financial savings. For long term savings, the implementation of wellness programming would yield results over the long term.

Telligen Health and Well-Being continues to provide the wellness programming you have come to know with TWB along with solutions to engage and impact individuals who may be low-risk or suffering from a catastrophic event. We are not a one size fits all program in a box. We meet you where you are on the journey of managing true results.