Two employee-owners were recognized for relocating 18 high-need residents in advance of a fire that destroyed the Safe Haven nursing facility in Pocatello, Idaho.

In the weeks prior to the fire, Safe Haven transitioned to an assisted living facility after it was set to lose its certification as a skilled nursing facility effective November 30. Marie Spinali and Lois Pedelty, Idaho Medicaid Review Coordinators, were then tasked with finding and securing placement period for 18 patients requiring skilled care.

“Lois and Marie really did a good job here,” said Scott Tiffany, Telligen’s Idaho Medicaid Program Director. “With very little time, they were able to secure placement for those high-needs patients that would not have evacuated well.”

A Safe Haven staff member called the re-location of these residents a miracle that led to the safe evacuation of the facility’s remaining 49 residents and staff members.  The fire caused a total loss to the facility. Many of Safe Haven’s patients were on oxygen and the tanks exploded as the fire spread, further fueling the blaze.

“This is one of those times where you find out the work that was done was really a miracle and a blessing to the lives of those we served,” said Scott Tiffany, Telligen’s Idaho Medicaid Program Director.

Alexandria Childers-Scott of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, reached out to Telligen’s employee-owners to express her gratitude. “Your efforts made a huge difference for these individuals,” said Childers-Scott. “Because you are the silent heroes, I wanted you to hear it from us; a deep heart felt thank you, for the participants, their families, the staff, and those in between.”

“This is great recognition from the client regarding this team’s important work,” said Jeff Chungath, Telligen CEO. “It demonstrates our employee-owners’ knowledge of the provider landscape, and willingness to make a difference for those members under adverse conditions.”